The Funky Cichlid

Increasing visibility for budget lodge on Lake Malawi

The brief: The Funky Cichlid (a lodge in Malawi) opened in December 2014. The website launched early January 2015. The website is there to be found by travellers already in Malawi, or neighbouring countries, as well as people planning holidays to Cape Maclear, Malawi.

Overview: There are many lodges in Cape Maclear, offering various rooms and different prices. Many of the lodges are well established and have a strong online presence. We needed to make The Funky Cichlid the number 1 lodge for budget travellers. To achieve this we needed to create an SEO and social media campaign. To ensure we kept The Funky Cichlid above the competition and in front of the target audience, we had to regularly update the social media channels and ensure the website was offering exactly what visitors wanted.


This campaign has been extremely successful. Any search term relating to accommodation in Cape Maclear will result in The Funky Cichlid appearing on the first page.

The vast majority of The Funky Cichlid’s traffic comes via organic search with the 3rd biggest channel being social media.