South Luangwa Safaris

Boosting the online presence of safari specialist

The brief: “Make South Luangwa Safaris the go to website for safaris in South Luangwa”. When taking on this campaign had no external links and a domain authority of 1.

How to achieve: To make South Luangwa Safaris the point of call for safaris in Zambia we needed to create engaging content, acquire links and build the authority of the website. To boost the online presence of South Luangwa Safaris it is necessary to build a following on social media. A host of good rankings teamed with a reputable following on social media would create the desired online brand.


Google ‘South Luangwa Safaris’ and you will see South Luangwa Safaris on the no.1 position. Google ‘South Luangwa’ and you will see South Luangwa Safaris on the first page. The website now performs fantastically well on search engines and as a result, the site is seeing a great deal of traffic and a vast increase in enquiries.

South Luangwa Safaris social media following has also improved dramatically. This has been done organically. No mass follow or mass like techniques have been implemented. The fans are true fans and genuinely interested in the product.