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Southern African tour operator gets ranked

The brief: To improve the search engine visibility of and increase the overall domain authority of the website. To create new web pages in line with new tours being introduced in late 2015.

How to achieve: To achieve this we had to determine the keywords we would target for the campaign. This was done by considering the competition for each keyword and deciding whether the website would compete with the other sites targeting those keywords. It was important to pick keywords which the site would be able to rank for considering the domain authority of the website and the competition.

Upon deciding which keywords to target we carried out a number of on and off page SEO techniques to ensure the pages were optimised for each term we were targeting.


As you can see – from the diagram on the right – the majority of traffic now comes via organic search.

Month on month we experience an improvement in traffic coming from organic search. This is a result of improved rankings and the domain authority of the site. Not only have rankings improved but we have created more content which ranks the site for more terms than it did before. Therefore making the site available to a wider audience.

Engagement has also improved. Here you can see a 27% increase in session duration and a massive 49% improvement in bounce rate.